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I work as an engineer at KING Art, a game development studio based in Bremen, Germany. I get to play with interesting technology. There are tricky questions to be answered. There are surprising discoveries.  Also from time to time there are thought’s to explore and things to try that have nothing to do with work. But all this becomes more fun when shared.

  1. Gael permalink


    in 2002 you’ve publish a great article on about hexagon-based tile-maps :

    But today the picture are broken.
    Do you still got thoses somewhere ?
    Thanks !!


  2. Frank permalink

    Hi, i have seen your great work. My aim is to realize an old school game like Warlords 2 with Unity and im still looking for a good turn-based computer ai. I know that this is the main part of the game. Im also a big fan of the Heroes of might and magic series. It would be great if you could tell me where i can find a good ai or where i can buy some segments of it so i have the basic on which i can work. thanks for that, would be great if you could help me with it. Its hard alone to realize it.

    • pixelpracht permalink

      When I wrote the AI for Battle Worlds: Kronos I wrote everything from scratch. An AI is very game specific so even if you use middleware to save some time you’ll end up doing a lot of tweaking and customizing to get it to work for your particular usecase. Actually, now that I come to think of it the BW:K AI would make good material for this blog…

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