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Rune Hunt Released

by pixelpracht on September 24th, 2010

Hungry eyes watch from the shadows. The flickering light of a butterfly is all that keeps them at bay. Run for your live – and sanity!

Finally, after almost a year of working on it, I have finished Rune Hunt!

Well, technically it’s been finished a couple of weeks ago. But I tried to find a portal that would sponsor the game. The basic idea of sponsorship is that you include links and logos of a flash game portal in your game before you spread it. The branding means traffic for the sponsor and that traffic is what they essentially pay you for. The other great thing besides money is that the sponsoring portal has an interest in getting your game played and will help spreading it – for example by featuring it on the front page. So you get money, exposure and retain full creative control. Cool stuff!

So in the last weeks I’ve spend quite a while on and learned a great deal about how the market around free flash games works. The website is basically an agent that brings developers and sponsors together. Sponsors can bid on your games, after a while you pick the best offer and pay a comission to FGL. The process of trying to license my own game was nerve-wrecking but fun and in the end pretty successful. Huge thanks to ArmorGames for the generous sponsorship!

But enough of that for now. Go and play the game allready! ;)

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  1. Good game, it kept me enjoyed for a while ;)

    I like the FOV-thingy, kinda reminds me of one of the really old DOS-games I played as a kid. I also likes the musical score.

  2. Awesome game. Love the way the story is told. Love the dynamic lighting.

  3. Chris C. permalink

    Rune Hunt is a fantastic piece of work. I also want to thank you for the detailed account of your efforts to get sponsorship. Fascinating reading and a great effort on your part.

  4. Xernovore permalink

    Just played a bit of Rune Hunt and I gotta say: Great job! The game design and story are polished and interesting; the dynamic FOV and shadows really creates a cool atmosphere.

    You should consider porting to a mobile platform (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, etc)… You definitely could make a little cash there. (I know I’d love to have Rune Hunt on my phone.)

    Keep up the awesome work! =)

  5. JustMe permalink

    Very nice game. Great atmosphere. The (two) ending(s) was a bit of a let down, though : more explanations and a more rewarding ending would have made it perfect. Thanks for your work!

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